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Well Designed Handsfree Kickstand

Slim Profile

It can be exhausting to hold your phone up when you are Facetiming, watching videos, chatting with a friend, checking emails, reading online recipes while cooking, which is why you need an ICUERO Wallet Stand to free your hands. It's super easy for you to use an ICUERO Wallet Stand and only takes one second to open and close it. 

Adjustable Angle

Comfortable Viewing

With an adjustable viewing angle, you control how you interact with your phone. From now on, with an ICURO Wallet Stand, no more awkward postures and uncomfortable sitting positions. Chatting in a bar or conversing in a coffee shop with an ICUERO Wallet Stand, becomes much more enjoyable and effortless.

Portrait and Landscape Viewing

Your Way

With an ICUERO Wallet Stand, your iPhone can stand in both landscape and portrait orientation. With so many apps, e.g., Facebook, youtube, majority news apps, online banking apps,  optimized for portrait viewings, ICUERO Wallet Stand makes things much more comfortable. And in case you can't miss the next episode of our favorite video programs, use the landscape flap, and enjoy your favorite show without enduring neck pain or shoulder strain.

Lightweight and Portable

Anywhere, Everywhere

ICUERO Wallet Stand is slim and lightweight. Merely weight less than 36g, it is one of the most portable and stylish phone stand and wallet you can get in the market, without sacrificing style and functionality. The simplistic design of the ICUERO Wallet Stand resembles a minimalist style. We hope you find it practical and stylish.

What They Said

Raving Reviews of ICUERO Wallet Stand


Editor's Rating 4.85/5

Editor's Rating 9.6/10

Larry Dickson

“Super minimal, this thing is still wirelessly charging! They thought of everything.”

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